Many of the traders of the 400 plus Stalls at Carrara Markets have been at the markets for years and years, simply because of the incredible value for money that renting a Stall represents. Like you, they started by renting a Casual Stall. If your product proves popular no doubt you’ll want to become a regular too.

Casual Stalls are available on a continuous basis provided rent is always kept one week in advance

Unpaid for Stalls are placed on the rental list from 9am Monday.


Whilst a number of the Stalls at Carrara Markets are available for week to week casual letting, the great majority of stalls have permanent occupiers under a Licence To Occupy Agreement. Practically all of these Stalls are lock up sheds which means stock can be left on site foregoing the need to continually bring in and take out stock. Licenses To Occupy are transferable and, from time to time, are offered for sale by the License Holder.

Stallholders with Licenses to Occupy pay considerably less rent than casual stallholders. The cost to purchase varies dependant on whether the business is for sale as a going concern or whether it is a license only purchase with a change of use. Size of the stall and the stalls location are factors in setting the price.

The License To Occupy sets out the terms and conditions for occupying the stall and any person close to finalising the purchase of a license must acquaint themselves with these terms and conditions. A copy of the License to Occupy will be made available by Carrara Markets Management at the appropriate time.

All sales are negotiated directly with the current license holder, and, once agreement is reached, the sale transaction must take place via the Markets office.

A commission is payable to TOEA Pty Ltd the company which owns Carrara Markets on the total of the sale price (stock not included) plus GST. (Statutory Declarations affirming the sale price must be signed by vendor and purchaser)

The possession of a License To Occupy issued by TOEA Pty Ltd in your name is the only proof recognised by Carrara Markets management of your right to transfer occupancy for a financial consideration.

Carrara Markets Management does not allow the subletting of stalls, so, no arrangements for letting or occupying the stall, other than purchasing a License To Occupy, should be made directly with the current stall occupier.

A list of stalls currently for sale is available on request from Carrara Markets management. The products and/or services offered for sale by stalls is strictly controlled by Carrara Markets Management. And, the retailing of prepared (non packaged) food in particular, is restricted by type and compliance with statutory health regulations.

The best approach to selecting a suitable stall is to narrow the options to fit within your budget. Check with Carrara Markets management as to the suitability of the stall for the type of product you wish to sell, and then, phone the stall holder to negotiate.

If and when you reach agreement to purchase the License, the stall holder should contact the Carrara Markets Management Office as the next step in the process.









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